Venecii Charity

Is our passion here at Venecii, to use this platform in addition with your help of course enable us reach a large percentage of less privileged children and less fortunate people especially across Africa and other places in the world. we are here to support people from all walks of life and to contribute in making our future society a better place.
We take pride in giving a helping hand to the poor and needy. However we operate mainly with the youth as they are the future, we ought to help build the foundation now and invest in our youth so that as generations passes the traditional core morals and values stick and create a better place for all societal habitats.
Meritocratic system. "HARD WORK + MUSCLE = SUCCESS" this is a formula we have chosen simply because in life due to experience we can conclude that 9/10 times "we get what we put in." so rewards are given to our youth who abide by the formula. However, this scheme automatically enhances their discipline skills as youth.  
1.(LONDON) Reading club, design club, music and artists management club, modelling club, photography/visuals club and acting club.
2.GIVEAWAY: its part of our scheme to provide shelter clothing, food, money, electronics, entertainment facilities,recreational centres and social amenities etc in order to make their communities a better place for youth development; 
Dealing with some of the youth with anger issues and help them channel their distraction into productivity. By doing this mentors create a gateway for,motivate ,encourages the community and the youth are able to engage with their mentors on a regular basics to measure progress.







V E N E C I I.